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GPD officials announce opening speakers

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The 11th Glass Performance Days, June 12-15, Tampere, Finland, calls the world´s solar and glass specialists for a rally around renewable energy sources and energy saving. The agenda is strongly focused on solar technology as the fastest growing customer category of glass processors and their supply chain, according to a May 6 release. GPD lecturers and participants explore the effects that the solar boom will have on glass manufacturers as well as glass processors and their supply chain during the years of exponential growth predicted for the near future on an otherwise stalemate international market.

The opening speakers of GPD on June 12 form a versatile and knowledgeable team:Avi Bremiller, president and CEO, SolelLèon Giesen, CEO, ScheutenWinfried Hoffmann, president EPIAEric Peeters, global executive director, Solar Business, Dow Corning Corp.Johannes Segner, COO, Solibro GmbH

Each of these opening speakers will give their view on the effects that the powerful some 40 percent annual growth of the solar technology market will have on the glass industry preparing to support and serve this development, according to the release.

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