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Verreries Brosse to double production capacity

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French glassmaker, Verreries Brosse, specialised in the production of high-end vials for the perfumery and cosmetic industries, will benefit from a huge increase of their production capacity with the launch of a new oven in April 2009.

Actually, the executive team at Verreries Brosse is expecting a great “leap forward” for the company. Their new automatic oven, with a production capacity of 55 tons a day, will start production in April, pouring the first glass drops in each of the company’s four brand new I.S. machines.

30 million euros invested

The French glassmaker, which joined Italian group Zignano Vetro in 2001, will double its production capacity, thanks to an investment of EUR 30 million.

“It will be a major step of the company’s history,” Marc Cooper, General manager, told Premum Beauty News, “and the conclusion of a long process, initiated with the acquisition by Zignano Vetro, to restore the company’s positioning. By the way, I’d like to seize this opportunity to honour Giuseppe Breviari, who is the person at the origin of the company’s revival, and who passed away prematurely last year.”

4% of the world’s market

Actually, the company had difficult times at the beginning of the decade. Indeed, Verreries Brosse were on the verge of bankruptcy. The industrial equipment was not matching the demand and the staff was depressed and unmotivated. “Hopefully, the brand image and the company’s reputation, were not excessively impacted by the poor financial situation,” Marc Cooer insists.

At this time, Zignano Vetro invested EUR 20 million in the building of an automatic oven with a 35 tons a day capacity, and chose to keep almost all the staff. Within a short period, the perspective of a successful outcome became tangible, and orders skyrocketed. “Our turnover reached EUR 45 million in 2007,” Marc Copper says, “50% of which is made on foreign market, and we hold a 4% share of the world’s market”.

Flexibility, shortened development delays, and a glass quality that everybody acclaims… are the main assets of the French glassmaker, who recently supplied vials for Cartier’s Roadster (100 ml) and the latest Lanvin’s launch.

“Belonging to the Zignago Vetro group is important regarding the investment capacity which is required in our industry, Marc Cooper underlines, but it is also a great opportunity and a necessity in the search for new markets. Indeed, when a customer orders series exceeding ou production capabilities, we can forward the order to our Italian colleagues. That’s exactly what happened with the ‘Polo Adventure’ line. We therefore aim to reinforce connections between our two production units”.

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