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Doralco expands capacity in first quarter

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On the heels of the best quarter and year in the company’s 22 year history, Doralco,Alslip, Ill.,added additional column cover manufacturing equipment and skilled craftsmen toits architectural cladding division, according to an April 27 release. Tom O’Malley, vice president of sales, attributed the company's growth to:the partnerships with suppliers and customers; the team’s commitment to exceed customers’ expectations; and new product innovation.This economy has forced buyers to look at the value of their suppliers and enabled Doralco to knock down doors with its unbeatable service, he said in the release.

The company has had several windfalls in the past few years with innovations in its exterior sunshade, grill, interior glass door rail, and composite panel divisions, according to the release. The additional capacity is needed to handle the increased demand for interior and exterior column cover solutions, including specialty metals, specialty shapes and its new perforated logo column covers.

“This new expansion just gives us another edge against our column cover competition and gives us the capacity to maintain one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry,” said Brian Clifford, president . “We’ve actually been able to turn the economic downturn into new business through fresh thinking and only the best customers.”

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