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HTL announces Co-op Blast Program

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HTL, Lubbock, Texas,now offers Co-op Blast Program, a new cost-savings program that offers full-scale arena blast testing for the price of a shock tube test, according to a March 2 company release. Arena blast testing has widely been accepted as the best way to simulate blast waves and its effects on glass and glazing systems, but is considered cost prohibitive by many. Consequently, many companies have gone the route of testing with shock tube simulation that has historically been less expensive than arena testing, but lacks actual blast wave representation.

“Price typically drives the decision to test with full-scale arena or shock tubes,” said Steven Samuels, operations manger, HTL, in the release. “Through our innovative Co-op Blast Program we can now offer clients arena testing, with superior blast representation, for approximately the same cost as shock tube testing. A blast wave radiates in all directions, which allows us to conduct multiple simultaneous test with a single blast wave. Sharing the blast wave allows HTL to offer the true full-scale arena blast test at an affordable price to all participating manufacturers.”

Product and client privacy is a top concern when conducting tests with multiple clients. “HTL has taken multiple precautions to maintain each client’s privacy,” Samuels said in the release. Some safeguarding steps include assigning each client their own week for installation, securing and covering the product to prevent viewing by others and only allowing authorized personnel to view the post-blast specimens.

HTL’s full-scale arena blast site is located 40 miles south of Lubbock. For more details and test dates contact Steven Samuels at 806/797-2208 or visit http://htltest.com/BlastTesting.html.

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