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Keeping an Eye on the Glass Edges

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Glass Edges all Around Safely Checked at a Glance – Even within Drilling Orifices

Fully monitored and simultaneously entirely automated processes are important factors for the machining and processing of glass sheets.

This applies especially to the quality control of the glass edges. For the solar industry for instance, the substrate edge is a decisive determinant for the quality of the subsequently completed module – particularly in the area of thin-film technology. With systems available to date, essential defects are detected in practice only under certain marginal conditions, or not at all.The new sensor head EDGESTAR lends a helping hand.

The sensor is designed to see around the edge with one single image acquisition, whereby in addition to the edge area a shoulder beyond it is looked at. Equipped with a fast CCD camera and combined with an LED illumination the sensor allows the recognition defects invisible until now.

The sensor produces high-definition images to permit entire glass edge to be analyzed. Owing to its narrow construction style, even the inner edges of small drilling holes can be checked.

To scan the entire glass edge, the tough sensor can be mounted at the existing feeding device or directly on a robot arm. EDGESTAR is suitable for the highest feeding speeds. Through the easy to use, intuitive interface the operator is supplied with all the information necessary to improve the process. The results of the inspection are visualized graphically. All of the following typical edge defects are recognized: grinding defects, chips, sheet overlapping, coating/de-coating, edge chunking, fissures, scratches, deviation in silk screen location, lamination defects.

ISRA products are the selection of choice when it comes to quality control and process optimization in the production processes - innovations that turned into standards for optical glass inspection. All inspection systems increase processing reliability as well as the productivity and assure its users a competitive advantage in the global market place.

Source: ISRA VISION LASOR AGAuthor: shangyi

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