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Complete Portfolio of Products for Inspecting Glass

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Leading Technologies for Global Applications

Customer demand for quality glass products is steadily on the rise. ISRA VISION represents a contact that is available around the world to provide the best inspection solutions with many years of experience in offering leading technology for all applications in the field of glass manufacturing. The innovative equipment the company supplies contributes significantly to optimizing the production process and increasing quality.

With locations in Europe, Asia and the United States, the ISRA VISION Group is a company with a global mindset. Both as relates to the technology it offers and as well as for many other reasons, around the world the company is one of the leading global players. Offering novel technologies such as the patented online moiré method in addition to innovative, customer-specific solutions, ISRA has been successfully represented in all well-known glass corporations with gauging system installations for inspecting float glass and curved glass for the automotive industry since 1996.

Worldwide, the company has the most complete portfolio of products for visual glass inspection that can be used to inspect almost every production step in the glass industry. Solutions and the relative expertise are available for everything from the inspection of the hot glass ribbon to the thinnest display glass, from curved automotive glass sheets to highly complex coatings through to the 3D in-line inspection of curved mirrors and glass. The systems are placed in operation in every step of the production chain not only to inspect visual defects and for quality control purposes but also as a means to optimize the processes themselves. They offer far more than simply inspection functions.

For float glass inspection, the product line FLOATSCAN in-line and off-line includes gauging systems that measure thickness and width at either the hot or the cold glass ribbon as well as the ability to measure the reflection and transmission for visual warps. What’s more, the systems detect point defects such as scratches, bubbles, tin drops or inclusions. The thickness and stress profiles of glass are determined using Coldgauge & Stress at the cold glass ribbon. The quality and production relevant data is processed and used to further optimize production. The flagship of this product line for visual quality inspection of float glass is the second generation inspection system FLOATSCAN Advanced II.

In the field of visual inspection of curved glass, SCREENSCAN products gauge and inspect in-line and off-line, detect optical distortion, the curvature and inspect for defects such as point defects, scratches, bubbles, inclusions or foreign particles. With the FORMSCAN system, a special method is applied that allows the system to even perform an exact and complete 3D measurement in-line.

The POWERSCAN system is a product line that covers the field of further processing for glass sheets of any kind. The universal all-in-one inspection system meets all of the requirements that have to do with monitoring any kind of glass sheet, including automotive glass sheets. As the only system of its kind around the world, the system inspects not only for defects in the surface, coating and edges, but is also able to reliably find any shape defects – even for different batch configurations. In addition, the highly flexible system contributes significantly to optimizing production processes. Because the modular system can easily be integrated into a variety of different production stages, it is being used more and more for solar industry solutions as well. In this industry, it is used to automatically detect defects during manufacturing of basic and structure glass and also in the production of thin-layer solar cells during all steps in both front-end and back-end processes.

In applications that demand highest quality in the edges of glass products, for example for automotive glass, for glass sheets for a variety of different uses as well as in the solar industry, EDGESTAR Sensor is a system offered to reliably detect any edge defects, choncoidal fractures in addition to incipient cracks. It is designed for applications with high feed speeds. Moreover, it is attached to a robotic arm, making it mobile and flexible and is utilized to visually scan and inspect user-defined contours.

ISRA VISION takes a leading position around the world when it comes to technological expertise and efficiency in the field of glass inspection in all relevant markets of the industry. The company’s targeted research and development allows it to systematically and continually expand its applications to include any new industry segment. In thousands of projects realized for well-known customers in every field of glass production to date, the inspection systems offered by ISRA VISION increase a company’s ability to compete in the world market by reliably controlling the quality of the manufactured products and by even specifically optimizing each production step along the way.

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