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GANA-IGMA merger discussion continues at GlassWeek

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During the Insulating Division meeting Feb. 14 at GlassWeek, Bill Yanek, executive vice president for the Glass Association of North America, Topeka, Kan., updated the group on the proposed merger of GANA and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance, Ottawa, Ontario. After receiving mixed responses from the IGMA membership about the proposed merger, the organizations’ boards decided during a joint board meeting to perform more thorough member polling, Yanek said. “The process has slowed down a bit. … IGMA is going to go back and more closely poll their members to see where they are on this, and GANA is going to continue to poll members on whether they would support this.” The response from GANA members thus far has been in support of a merger, he said. “We’re taking some extra time to do the due diligence before we go through the full process and do even more due diligence,” he said. Margaret Webb, executive director of IGMA, added the organizations are working together to develop a more detailed description of what the merger would actually mean for each organization. “We’re getting a picture to send to members so they know what this is going to look like,” she said. Webb estimated that the groups will have more complete member feedback in six weeks to two months, and will then be able to make a more educated decision about how to move forward with the proposed merger. “We don’t want to spend copious amounts of money to find out that all we’ve done is spend a lot of money,” she said.

Insulating Division changes scope and objectives

The Insulating Division made several changes to its mission statement and objectives in response to the proposed merger with IGMA. Since IGMA’s activities are split evenly between the commercial and residential segments, the GANA division voted to remove specific mention of commercial glazing in its mission statement. The revised statement reads: “To provide a forum for the exchange of information regarding insulating glass.”The group voted to remove similar language from one of its objectives. It also voted to add an objective to work closely with industry associations to avoid duplication of efforts and enhance each other’s activities.

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