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Ajay Glass & Mirror puts its touch of class on building contracts

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Here is an interview with Jim Stathopoulos, CEO of Ajay Glass and Mirror Co., Rochester, N.Y.

Is it difficult to sustain growth in an industry like this one?

Yes. For us, it's going to be difficult to sustain that type of growth because we're a very cyclical business. We're tied to the economy pretty strongly.

What measures have you taken to combat the downturn?We don't like to take a lot of money out of the company. We keep it in there and reinvest in the company, so when times like this do come, we're able to sustain ourselves and weather storms like this, and come out of it stronger than other companies might be able to.

So we've been taking some training initiatives, we've hired a safety person now to help us with our safety so we can improve that a great deal over what we had in the past, and we still like to have our people stay current by going to conferences and stuff like that.

It's going to be difficult, but that's where expanding our boundaries geographically can help us keep the revenue coming in. But we're projecting it's going to be flat for this year coming up.

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