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CMA PCP ballot moves to NFRC board

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At the Ratings Committee meeting Nov. 5 during NFRC Fall Meeting, Jacksonville, Fla., members approved the Component Model Approach Product Certification Program ballot andmoved it to the NFRC board of directors, according to NFRC News Now report. Additionally, the Ratings Committee approved the following:

the successful PCP ballot – permanent label forward for approval for implementation upon publication.the PCP IG Certification ballot forward for implementation upon publication. NFRC Chair Joe Hayden noted that while it may be published and implemented, it won’t be required until July 2010.the mandatory date for labeling of dynamic products from March 1, 2009, to six months after two or more simulation labs are accredited to use WINDOW6/THERM6 for dynamic products, or March 1, 2010, whichever comes earlier, to the board for approval, according to the report.

Members discussed a number of negative ballots at the CMA Ratings Subcommittee meeting before moving it to the board for approval.

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