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NFRC meeting continues

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The Research Subcommittee met Nov. 4 at the NFRC Fall Meeting in Jacksonville, Fla. NFRC Technical Services Manager Ray McGowan gave an update on the research budget and the status of active and potential future projects. Project task group chairs then gave a more detailed report of ongoing research, according to a report on NFRC News Now.Willie duPont of Sunergy Consulting gave a full report of on the status of the Window 6/Therm 6 Validation research project, for use in determining the solar heat gain coefficients and U-factors of complex glazing.The new Window 6/Therm 6 software Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory released has new features that can calculate the SHGC and U-factor of woven shades, venetian blinds and fritted glass, according to the report.The group has completed the literature search and is in the middle of performing tests for SHGC and U-Factor and is about to begin the simulations, duPont said.The membership put a hold on the Complex Product VT Research Project, according to a NFRC News Now report.

The Research Subcommittee also discussed establishing goals for an awnings rating system. The membership passed a motion to create a rating standard strictly for attached shading devices that physically adhere to a window, rather than detached shading devices. Two of the suggested standards to be considered in developing such a ratings system involve view obstruction and glare reduction. The primary issue is developing a rating system for shading effectiveness only, according to a NFRC News Now report.

The Optical Properties Subcommittee discussed whether the NFRC 300/301 should be edited to include an ASTM standard, and NFRC Chair Joe Hayden explained that the potential adoption could raise NFRC’s Solar Heat Gain standards by as much as 10 percent. Herecommended delaying implementation of the revised NFRC 300 until at least April of 2009, according to the report.

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