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Kent Displays is on a roll with new LCD process

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A company that a Kent State University professor spun off 15 years ago from his research made what he called "a great leap forward" this week, launching a unique manufacturing process for liquid crystal display products.

The process, said William Doane, the retired founder of Kent Displays Inc. and a former KSU physics professor, allows the company he and an investor started in 1993 to mass-produce thin plastic sheets that can display color, text, data and, in time, video images on almost any surface.

Liquid crystals are a chemical oddity that scientists at KSU and elsewhere have studied for decades and that now touch almost everyone's life. The encapsulated, crystalline material, when charged with electricity, displays images.

The latest development is KDI's ability to make display material using roll-to-roll manufacturing, a printing-like process. The displays, Doane said, are like those that show high-definition video on flat-panel TVs, computer displays and giant screens in sports facilities. The plastic spools through a gleaming stainless steel production line in a narrow clean room at KDI.

The company installed the first such roll-to-roll line in the world. According to Joel Domino, president and chief financial officer, the machine is only the first of several that KDI will have running in the next couple of years.

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