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Glaston establishes solar energy business

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Officials from Glaston Corp., Finland, announced May 21 that the company has established a separate Solar Energy business. This development is in line with the company’s strategy of increasing its focus on the rapidly growing solar energy market, according to a same-day company release. “We want to be the first choice for integrated and multi-stepped solar glass manufacturing machine and line supply,” says Mika Seitovirta, CEO and president. To achieve this, Seitovirta says, Glaston will: Proactively help customers develop the most effective factory systems based on 60 years experience and proven technology basis Do engineering and development work on a project basis Work with the most experienced responsive partners Manage risk systematically through tight project management, including up-time service and factory management where required.The product and service range of the business “consists of glass storage, cutting, grinding, drilling, washing, bending, tempering, line automation and monitoring and quality control systems as well as up-time factory management, service and consumables concepts,” says Claus Carlsen, head of the Solar Energy business and former managing director at Tamglass Glass Processing. “All this tailored to the individual needs of the solar glass producer.” The company will offer “cutting centers over handling and integration automation, edge grinding, drilling, tempering, bending and other required processes, some built by our partners, to make the final product,” Carlsen says. “We integrate the complete line.” On the service side of the business, Glaston is the only company in the industry with a global in-house service, parts and maintenance network, Carlsen says. “Our full product portfolio, equipment, control systems, service and management solutions differentiates us from the competition,” Seitovirta says. “We represent the low-risk, high-return combination considering all aspects of these projects.” Solar energy is a multibillion dollar industry in Europe that has grown between 5 to 7 times, or 500 percent to 700 percent, during the past five years, Carlsen says. In the next five years the industry will grow “at a rate at least equal to the past five [years], possibly much higher,” he says. “I am thinking about the impact of the oil price development: $135/barrel yesterday [May 22], 10 times what it was in 1998.” Looking ahead, “we will achieve the objective of being the partner of first choice for solar glass processing needs both with traditional glass processors and directly with the systems manufacturers whether photovoltaic, concentrated solar power or solar thermal,” Seitovirta says. —By Sahely MukerjiShare this article:

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