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Health Insurance, dental insurance, life insurance

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Many companies provide these important insurance coverages to their employees, but don’t always consider how their employees would meet financial obligations when they are unable to work while recovering from an illness or injury. Disability insurance provides income replacement when insured employees experience a covered illness, injury, or pregnancy. The coverage helps with financial obligations such as mortgage or rent payments--expenses that health insurance won’t cover. Consider these statistics:

Disabilities affect one in five Americans, or (more than 49 million people). About 2,300 disabling injuries occur every hour during the year. A 35-year-old has a 50 percent chance of being unable to work for more than three months because of a disability—sometime before he or she reaches age 65.

Find out more about disability coverages available to your company through the NGA-sponsored GlassInsure program. Contact the program administrator, Intercorp, at 800/640-7601, or check out www.glassinsure.com.

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