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Scammers strike glass companies in fraud spree

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During the last week, a number of glass company managers contacted e-glass weekly about an apparent spree of ordering scams that could cost companies thousands of dollars if not detected. “The scam is really rearing its ugly head again,” says Chris Cutler, inside sales manager at Arch Aluminum and Glass Co.’s Salt Lake City location. Cutler received an email from a Twin Falls, Idaho, customer that had been targeted by scammers. Other notifications of ordering fraud came from companies in Florida, California and Michigan that were all targeted in November. Scammers contact glass companies to order large quantities of 1/8-inch or ?-inch glass, often requiring long-distance shipping through an outside transportation company. In one common scam, a scammer will pay the glass company for shipping with a check and request that the glass company prepay the transportation costs while waiting for the check to clear. When the checks bounces, the glass company will be out thousands of dollars, and the transportation company and fraudulent customer will have disappeared. In addition, scammers often use stolen credit cards to pay for the initial glass order. Read a Sept. 25 article from e-glass weekly to learn tips to identify ordering scams here. Read the email correspondence of two scammers below. Contact us if you have been of victim of ordering scams.

Good day,i just spoke with on the phone right now,I urgently want to order Table Top glasses.The glasses is going to a church ministry in Hawaii,I will handle the shipping aspect so i want you to email me with the total cost plus tax for them.Below is the size and weight. Name of product:Table top Glass Size :30 x 30 Thickness : 1/4" with polished edges Quantity :100 Also i want to know the Method of Payment that you accept?I can email you with my credit card information to complete the full payment of the order. Please i want you to let me know if you are ready for my Payment information so that i can get back to you?I will like you to find out and please let me know the total cost of it inluding taxes to Hawaii. so that i will get back to you,because thats where the church ministry is,I will arrange with a shipping company to pick up when is ready is for Shipping.I will be looking forward for your email ASAP. Thank you very much and talk to you soon. Best Regards Shirley

Hello, Thanks for the Estimated Pricing On The Glass and Am Much Interested In Purchasing the Glass.However, I Would Like Us to Proceed to Order Pick Up and Shipment Arrangement with Cargo Trust Shipping Freight Co .I Will Like You to Send an E-amil Via cargotrustshippingco68@gmail.com to CARGO TRUST Shipping Freight Co with the quatity of the Glass, Size, Dimension and As wel As the Pick Up Location of the Glass.Then Ask then The Shipping Cost Via This Delivering Address Below .

xxx SpareWay Ave Accra - Ghana 00233 . West - Africa .

I have Already Talked to them concernintg this Arrangment and Do e-mail me back with the Shipping Cost Plux the Glass Cost when you receive a Reply from them for me to give you My Credit Card for the Payment for shipping. Best Regards and Hope to Hear from You Soonest.Thank You Thank You Mr. Mike Taylor Share this article:

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