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Glass professionals talk technology and trends with architects and engineers

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The Engineered Transparency conference, Sept. 26-28 at Columbia University in New York, provided a rare opportunity for members of the glass industry to discuss innovations and trends in glass with architects, engineers and consultants. The event, sponsored by Oldcastle Glass of Santa Monica, Calif., had a registered attendance of about 300. Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and the Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics partnered to host the conference. Susan Trimble, director of corporate communications for Oldcastle Glass, says the event served as an opportunity for the company to become a more involved partner in the design and building processes. “We are committed to architecture and design innovation, and want to have a place at the table to participate. Designers can see new technology, and we can see what architects need,” Trimble says. Moty Emek, consultant to Oldcastle Glass says the design dreams of architects push glass manufacturers to constantly develop better and smarter products. “As an industry, we have to keep up with technology. New innovative architecture will be happening as long as our industry is pushing ahead,” he says. Mark Wigley, dean of the School of Architecture for Columbia, says communication between manufacturers, engineers and architects, like that during the conference, is much needed for the design-build community. “There is not enough communication taking place. ... [Architects and engineers] never get to compare notes with manufacturers,” Wigley says. “Here, we are sharing the best practices not within an industry, but best practices across the spectrum.” Having students involved in the dialogue is just as important, if not more, he says. “Industry and the university can use each other. … Students will take something from the conference, and it spreads out into the world. With the new ideas from the conference, we’re creating an intellectual laboratory,” Wigley says. Topics covered during the conference included energy issues in all-glass buildings, the limits of glass, the latest trends and security glazing. Read about specific presentations in the next issue of e-glass weekly.Share this article:

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