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What's in and what’s out for building exteriors

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Last week, e-glass weekly provided a “what’s in, what’s out” list for shower enclosure. This week, we’re looking to building exteriors. Our informal poll of contract glaziers found that almost anything green is in, as architects and owners are looking to improve energy efficiency. Although many architects are also demanding more transparency with clear glass, our glaziers say reflective tints—particularly blue, green and bronze—are still popular items. The list of what’s in trumps the list of what’s out—a good sign for glass companies! To comment on this in and out list, send us an e-mail.



Exterior glass

Clear glass with low-emissivity coatings

Ultra-reflective glass

Blue, bronze and green tinted glass

Granite spandrels

Green technology

Switchable glazing

Building-integrated photovoltaics


Plate glass storefronts

Stainless steel entrances

Frameless storefronts

Revolving doors

Frames and systems

Cable-supported wall systems

Painted aluminum finishes, particularly bright colors

Point-supported canopies


Custom hardware for storefronts

Spider fittings



Composite metal panels as a cornice

Extended snap covers on curtain walls

Ceramic fire-rated glass

Curved curtain walls

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