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Rating Council members face tight deadline on nonresidential technical procedures

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Participants at the National Fenestration Rating Council’s Summer Membership Meeting July 24-27 in Minneapolis face a looming November deadline for technical procedures in the rating program for nonresidential fenestration products and systems. Representatives of the California Energy Commission approached officials from the Silver Spring, Md.-based organization in January about implementing the nonresidential ratings component modeling approach in the state. To meet CEC’s requirements, NFRC members will need to complete the technical procedures portion of the CMA at its fall membership meeting in November. “I met up with [CEC officials] and set up a time line to see what we can get done,” says Jim Benney, executive director of NFRC. “This time line is workable. It’s just a matter of pushing and pushing and identifying the issues up front and identifying alternative solutions. We can get it done and we will get it done.” Some participants, however, worry that rushing the process to meet a deadline will create a problematic technical document. “We have an obligation to do it right for everyone, rather than passing something incomplete for California,” says Tom Culp, owner of Birch Point Consulting LLC in La Crosse, Wis. “California is going to review the technical document at the end of the year, and it can’t be changed after that, regardless of what we do to the overall program. They’ll be stuck with what we have now, and we have some inconsistencies.” Greg Carney, technical director for the Glass Association of North America in Topeka, Kan., agreed. “A number of us participating in meetings have been talking about the importance of developing a program that is usable and accepted by the marketplace and all players,” Carney says. “Developing a program that will be accepted in industry is priority—not meeting one state’s deadline.” Marshall Hunt, senior program engineer of Pacific Gas and Electric Co. in San Francisco, says sentiments such as these may postpone completion of the process. “We’re worried that this is going to get delayed and delayed,” Hunt says. “The CMA is a major improvement. I urge you to light a fire under yourself. I urge you to not let this slide.” If the November deadline can’t be met on the technical procedures of the CMA, Benney says NFRC will prepare another proposal for CEC. “We’re in the process of developing a backup plan,” he says. “We can actually make changes to the current site-built program.” The technical subcommittee for CMA is scheduled for Wednesday morning, July 26. Members will review the ballot for the CMA ratings subcommittee Wednesday afternoon. The CMA ratings certification program—outlining how the program will be implemented—would have to be completed in 2007, Benney says. Visit Glass magazine’s daily Internet briefs for more NFRC meeting news. Share this article:

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