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Energy Efficiency Leads Discussion at AAMA Fall Conference

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Energy efficiency was the overarching theme of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association Fall Conference, with presentations and discussions focused on what the glass industry can do to improve building energy performance. During the event, held last week in Baltimore, Karma Sawyer of the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office delivered a keynote address on the next possible game-changing, energy-saving window technologies.

Steve Selkowitz, leader of the Windows and Envelope Materials Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, also offered thoughts on the future of energy-efficient windows with, “A Vision for Fenestration Performance in a Sustainable World.”

The push for better performing glass and window products continues to grow, driven by the increasing stringency of codes and voluntary green building programs, such as LEED and Energy Star, along with new state and federal energy savings requirements, Selkowitz said. The building industry is seeing demand for performance improvements from public and private sectors; and from national, state and local jurisdictions. “There is a sense of urgency from all sides to improve performance,” he said. “We should look at this as an opportunity to promote high-performance windows.

“Some codes are arguing for fewer windows,” Selkowitz continued. “However, if you’re using windows that perform better than code, there should actually be more windows. How do you transform the image that windows are a poor energy performer?”

The industry should promote the energy-saving technologies currently available. “That means we should be promoting low-E everywhere,” Selkowitz said. And the industry should work to improve existing product performance, and invest in new technologies, with the near-term objective of developing a window with a U-value of less than 0.25. The long-term target should be a U-value of less than 0.15, he said.

Selkowitz pointed to several potential game changers for the industry: glass that provides independent control of U-value and solar heat gain; products that offer dynamic control of SHGC and visible light; high performance attachments; daylighting control that limits glare and redirects daylight; air flow management; and power generation. “The future window is a zero net energy window,” he said. “Windows that provide heating power in the winter, or act as energy suppliers.”

Meeting attendees also heard an update on Energy Star version 6.0 from Doug Anderson, project manager for the Energy Star Home Improvement Program at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read details of Anderson’s presentation in tomorrow’s WDweekly.

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