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New alternative for Swabbing Compounds

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CONDAT will display on next Glasstech Asia Show in Kuala Lumpur its wide range of lubricants for glass industry (Hollow glass and Flat glass).Having a presence in the glass container industry for more than 40 years, CONDAT manufactures a complete range of glass lubricants, including shear sprays, delivery system coatings and mold lacquers.Since 1854, CONDAT has been formulated a range of compounds and lubricants. Thanks to its expertise in graphite dispersions, CONDAT has decided to launch a range of swabbing compounds for all of the glass container processes: Blank mold lubricant : CONDAGLASS 370 This swabbing compound provides excellent uniform lubrication in the mold without transferring graphite to the glass part. Ring mold lubricant: CONDAGLASS 397This swabbing compound deposits a very thin uniform graphite film on the ring. It eliminates defects on the neck ring and improves release. Blow mold lubricant: CONDAGLASS 398This swabbing compound provides a clean bright finish to the glass. Its wetting agents and additives penetrate easily into tight surfaces.CONDAT stays attentive to its customer’s needs and offers a range of lubricants such as CONDAGLASS 302 and CONDAGLASS 399 for specific customer applications.All of the CONDAGLASS swabbing compounds provide uniform lubrication and maximize production. Their viscosity is designed for the application; neither too fluid, nor too thick, thus allowing the right amount of lubricant to be applied to the mold. CONDAT’ CONDAGLASS swabbing compounds provide a bright, clean, surface finish on the most demanding parts (perfume, cosmetic, pharmaceutical bottles, etc.). They eliminate checks and build-up and extend mold life.With this new product range, CONDAT represents a new opportunity for purchasing swabbing compounds in a market with limited suppliers.Discover CONDAT’s new CONDAGLASS Swabbing Compounds in Hall 5 stand K34. 10.10.2013, Condat

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