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Moscow will host a traditional 12th International Exhibition -GlassExpo-2013- on 29-31 October 2013

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29-31 October 2013, Moscow will host a traditional 12th International Exhibition "GlassExpo 2013".Russia glassmakers and their allied rightly identified it as a major review of achievements and trends of development of the glass industry.The main advantage of the exhibition and the activities undertaken in the framework of the exhibition (conferences, master - classes, counseling, shows, contests, round tables, etc.) is its distinct character. It is characterized by its unity of purpose and scope, the exhibition that attracts professionals from many consumers and scientists of the glass industry.Assessing the exhibition as an important factor in its development, leading companies from 14 countries of Europe and Asia, will demonstrate the latest technical and technological developments offer a variety, including the original finished glass products, raw materials, refractory materials, machinery, equipment, and control - measuring technologies.Organizer "StekloSouz of Russia” with the support of federal administrative agencies and public sector unions, will bring together under one roof in the IEC "Crocus Expo" the best of what the organization has a global practice of glass production, maintenance and development. Will demonstrate the whole range of technological equipment for enterprises of all types of products and performance. It will show many of his views - from the means of preparation and supply of raw materials to production for glass - to the packaging of finished products and full range of logistics.Exhibits feature - the presence of a large number of devices and accessories to perform additional operations - cleaning, batching, etc. In the development of the range observed introduction of foam glass - a new type of glass, with the use of solid waste (cullet) for thermal protection, vlagobezopastnosti and decoration of buildings and structures.The use of special equipment for the industrial processing of glass, flat glass cutting, glass transformation into modern lazerouprochnennye glass-blowing. Proposed a variety of formulations of mixtures of charge characterize the development of a new trend in the modern glass industry. They allow you to expand the range of glass products, save energy.The scale of the exhibition and its popularity in the industry served as a serious means of attraction for glass factories, machine builders, suppliers of raw materials and production organizers. Among the participants, along with a permanent contingent, there are more and more representatives of various companies and organizations.Among the thousands of visitors - not only experts from the regions of Russia, but also representatives of the Commonwealth, Asia and the EU, which indicates a high prestige of the event. There was a careful study of the exhibits and firms producing the same type of products, obviously, is "acquaintance" is useful to them. From foreign countries are notable for their richness, variety and level of development of the exposure of firms and distributors from Belarus, Italy, India, China, Ukraine and other countries.Companies will show latest equipment, energy-saving technologies, raw materials and finished products. Enough to be presented at national firms and organizations, their number has increased, and their development will show 104 companies, each plant tends to demonstrate their capabilities, competitiveness. "GlassExpo" - a national report to consumers for the past year. It should be noted the increasing quality of the products offered by glass, their good design.As always, a rich assortment of glass products offered to consumers, many Russian companies, products focused on international and domestic technologies. The variety of proposals, however, creates difficulties for consumers in selecting the most effective samples of what drew the attention of a number of specialists glassworks - exhibitors. For example, machines for processing flat glass offered to firms from Russia, Italy, China and other countries, all of which were characterized as the best, but their specific benefits are not always amenable compared. The situation is similar with the other equipment of the same type of quality control products, glass-blowing. In one experts, professionals from various industries - consumer glass products were unanimous: International Exhibition "GlassExpo 2013" will satisfy all the needs of visitors.Forum "Glass and Modern Technology XXI" - the most important part of the exhibition, where specialists of the highest category of producers and consumers share their professional experiences through mutual recommendations. Not by chance at a conference in 2012 of empty seats in the hall were not. Technological aspects of the development of the glass industry highlighted by experts from 15 countries. Subject Forum "Glass and modern technology-XXI" is at the industry portal "StekloSouz Russia.""StekloSouz of Russia" - invited to participate actively in the process show "GlassExpo 2013", for the prosperity of your company´s success. 18.09.2013, StekloSouz

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