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On the courage to take the risk of making technological innovations

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Successful company receives the ZIM’2012, an SME innovation award, as it celebrates its 30th anniversaryIn 1982, Roswitha and Hans Hager founded a small metalworking shop, in which Hans Hager designed and built his first special machine based on a client’s requirements. This was the start of the family-owned and operated company that is globally active today. With its 75 employees, Hager designs and builds cutting-edge material flow and automa­tion systems for the domestic and international automotive and flat glass industries. Hager Sondermaschinenbau received the 2012 ZIM award for body production in the automotive industry.The company’s exhibit can be found in Hall 15/Booth A41 at glasstec.“Only those who have the courage to take risks will be rewarded with innovations,” This has been Hans Hager’s motto from the start, and everything he has done was governed by this credo. And he needed it, too, for the fabrication of special machinery has always been considered a business with a high level of financial risk, especially for smaller com­panies. Consequently, in addition to his technical talents, Hans Hager always had to prove his ability to tough it out. And he had another talent, too: Hans Hager was a good salesman, successfully using all means of marketing – a skill that is rare, even today, in smaller outfits. So he was able to consolidate his operations early on, getting orders from renowned companies, and to expand his product development beyond Germany into the European market. Hans Hager’s performance as an entrepreneur must also be rated so high because he went up against the most powerful national and international competitors.Hans Hager quickly recognized where the issues lay in the processes of flat glass and automotive manufacturers. Based on his expertise, he developed intelligent and often baffling technological solutions that we implemented with verve–in the 1990’s mostly for the flat glass industry, and from the late 90’s on increasingly also for automotive manufacturing.Over the past few years, Hans Hager has mostly retired from day-to-day operations. A generational transition is being implemented. While Matthias Hager has taken over management of the electrical department, Michael Hager has joined senior management.Within a short period of time, Michael Hager has succeeded in focusing operations increasingly on international markets.In particular, the company succeeded in entering the Chinese market by founding a branch north of Beijing, and by implementing several large orders with very high innovation requirements.The company’s constant growth soon also became obvious at the M?ttingen head­quarters, where large company premises with high production buildings and an adminis­trative building are available. This is where well-trained and motivated employees build durable, top-quality machinery using cutting edge technology as well as traditional fabrication methods in the tradition of the trades. Depending on clients´ requests, manufacture is completely customized, or standard components from renowned OEM’s will be used. Continuous quality control ensures the highest quality standards and functionality, as well as reliability.Machinery will not be sent on its way to customers in Germany and all over the world until it has proved itself in test runs at Hager Sondermaschinenbau.The mostly client-specific solutions for automating and optimizing manufacturing processes at clients’ sites are developed in an atmosphere of trust and close cooperation. After the current processes have been analysed in detail, the potential for optimization will be determined, and then the machinery required for this purpose will be planned, designed, built, installed and commissioned. The new solution will provide the user an essential competitive advantage for ultimately, products will not be successful in the market unless their manufacturing efficiency considerably improves the price/performance ratio.In their search for perfect solutions, the experts from Hager Sondermaschinenbau usually find themselves in uncharted technological territory. So, for example, new handling and conveying solutions were developed for the Volkswagen Group that are meanwhile part of the global group standard. Material flow and automation systems for the flat glass industry such as portal robots, pit-less glass plate turning systems or buffer storage represent investments with a high degree of efficiency.Hager Sondermaschinenbau provides its clients with one-stop service for all of their requirements. In addition to the machine itself, this also includes its shipping to the client site including all permits etc., assembly and commissioning, as well as operator training.After all this, Hager Sondermaschinenbau will assume periodic maintenance and any repairs. As a globally positioned company, Hager Sondermaschinenbau has access to many sites, branches and service facilities that are able to provide service at short notice.For additional information:Hager Sondermaschinenbau GmbHWeilerweg 5, D-86753 M?ttingen,Ph. +49 9083 9696 0Email: hager.helvi@hager-gmbh.dewww.hager-gmbh.deAt glasstec: Hall 15/BoothA41 09.10.2012, Hager Sondermaschinenbau GmbH

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