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Schüco offers a comprehensive service

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From 1 July 2013, construction products subject to harmonised European standards must be uniformly tested, labelled and supplied with documents throughout Europe in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation. As there is currently no standard for fire protection products, this regulation initially only applies to windows, doors and façades without fire protection requirements. To minimise the bureaucracy associated with the introduction of the regulation, Schüco has set up a new service area within its website for the full range of materials at www.schueco.de/ce-kennzeichen. Schüco partners can find information and documents to download here.The protected area at www.schueco.de/ce-kennzeichen makes the rules of the Construction Products Regulation transparent for Schüco partners and offers documents to download. It is divided into three areas. The user can find all the explanations relevant to labelling in line with the standards under "General information". For example, this section explains which documents are required for "Technical documentation". A guide for "Factory Production Control" is also stored here. On the "Schüco construction products" page, partners can find test documents for the different product areas and materials. For each Schüco product, templates are available to download for the Declaration of Performance and the CE marking. An intuitive entry screen simplifies the search. The "Schüco articles" area contains Declarations of Performance for Schüco articles, such as hinges, locks and closers. The Declaration of Performance being searched for can be found and downloaded quickly using the article or document number. 03.07.2013, Schüco International KG

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