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Hegla - simply a cut above the rest

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The legacy of Hegla’s success has been created from a simple, basic formula of providing consistent engineering quality and expert advice to the glass industry for over 35 years. Providing exactly what the customer not only wants but more importantly what the customer needs, in regard to glass cutting and handling solutions, has placed the company as a visionary over its competitors. Whilst the technical advantages of the entire Hegla range stem from many years experience in machine development and meticulous attention to detail, equally a huge part of this success can be attributed to simply understanding the market and accommodating individual customer needs accordingly.

Success Through Innovation Through innovative machinery development, ongoing research and customer support, Hegla has changed the way companies think about their glass processing needs. The company began by manufacturing mobile and fixed racking solutions then progressed through the range of glass handling equipment to automated glass cutting systems, which are now at its core, and enabled customers to benefit from maximum quality and faster turnarounds. Since its launch in 1976 in Beverungen, Germany the capabilities and reliability of the Hegla range was quickly acknowledged. Being specialists in the field of cutting and handling solutions for float, patterned and laminated glass, processors quickly established the company as a market leader and with the introduction of soft coat edge deletion on cutting tables in the 90’s further boosted output . Today this 16,500 sq m. facility is now Hegla’s global headquarters where all modern cutting systems are manufactured.

As the reputation for excellence grew so did the product portfolio with diversification into fully automated loading, unloading for up and downstream manufacturers, x, y and z break out systems, sorting systems and more recently into the solar industry with unique handling solutions, 6 axis robot cells etc . Essentially the market recognized Hegla for its innovation, reliability, flexibility and quality guarantees which are difficult to match in the industry today. By 1980 such was the reputation of the range that the company opened a new manufacturing 3,400 sq.m facility in Satteldorf which was dedicated to the production of warehouse and inventory systems as well as truck and van solutions. The company placed attention to detail as paramount leaving nothing to chance in respect of either research and development or product capability. By 1990 Hegla had created a niche in the market which was increasing in demand.

Realizing the potential of the specialist sector they dominated, senior management instigated further expansion plans by opening a third site in Doschwitz of 4,700 sq.m which was dedicated to the production of warehouse and inventory systems as well as manipulators and storage systems. Leading By Example As recognition of the unique qualities offered by Hegla grew, the company remained in complete control of manufacturing, building each and every piece of equipment in-house to exacting standards. A distinctive trait which places the company ahead of competitors and remains a priority today, reflecting the dedication of the entire team.

The diligence and competence of the highly skilled engineers enables the company to produce a standard range of machines that can be very specifically tailored for each customer if required, an attribute for which the company is highly regarded. Across the industry Hegla’s proficiency in automation and dedication to market needs evolved into a global leading presence with the opening of wholly owned subsidiaries worldwide beginning with the Hegla Corporation USA in 1995 and quickly followed by S.A.R.L France in 1996. Once successfully established the UK division was then launched in 2002 headed up by Steve Goble, with the Hegla Trading and Service GmbH branch opened in Russia during 2006. From the early days in 1976 the company has grown considerably and now employs over 500 staff globally. Having revolutionized the industry with a series of ‘technological firsts’ Hegla customers have quickly learned that the company delivers on its promises which is substantiated by consistent recommendations and customer success stories. Attention to the minutest detail is as important as product quality for the entire Hegla team, from initial concept and individual CAD/CAM design and specification through to the matching of customers’ corporate colours if required on the equipment Collaboration through Communication The unique aspects of fast, in-house tailored design incorporating bespoke factory layouts combined with Hegla’s commitment to quality care, benefits all sized customers.

Many popular products within the range have been created from individual customer discussions with machinery modified to cater for each one’s individual glass processing needs. Working with world renowned glass suppliers and modifying machinery accordingly to cater for specific types of glass which are becoming more diverse each year has also helped to reinforce Hegla’s prominent corporate position. In the UK for example, companies including Float Glass Industries, Dual Seal and AC Yule to name a few have installed Hegla equipment which has enabled them to streamline production and further improve their own market position by increasing output and yielding profit accordingly. On larger projects all installation specifications are carefully verified by skilled German engineers to ensure that the smallest detail has been evaluated and checked.

This guarantees that glass can be brought onto the production floor in the most effective method and will provide customers with the assurance that the entire automated procedure works. The longevity and reliability of the range also offers customers complete peace of mind through manufacturer guarantees. As the company gears up towards Vitrum 2011 the superiority of the brand will once again be demonstrated with quality reflected in new innovations and on-stand demonstrations. Steve Goble, Managing Director at Hegla UK comments, “In the UK’s nine year history we have brought to the market customer led, innovative solutions including Remaster for sub plate re-use in 6 x 3m applications, twin cut edge deletion, twin cutting heads, high speed loaders with mechanical peeling, linear drive tables and latterly, laser marking; all of which provide real time benefits and ultimately payback which is always important” Hegla found a fundamental core arena with cutting and handling and remained focused to ensure that quality was neither diluted nor compromised.

The competence of the design engineers has resulted in Hegla leading the field for many years and as a specialist manufacturer we continue to do so, with many innovative ideas born from extensive research as well as customer requests. The entire team worldwide is committed to staying ahead in the market and we will continue to take a progressive approach to the changing market. As ever, we will lead with innovation while others follow.”

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