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Better prepared with SCHOTT for various types of attack: proven protection against fire, burglary and ballistic threats

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The international technology group SCHOTT will be presenting its highly resistant safety glazing solutions that prevent fire, smoke and heat from spreading in case of fire and offer protection against burglary attempts and small arms fire. Visitors to BAU will be able to convince themselves of the high strength of PYRANOVA® secure and NOVOLAY® secure when they pay a visit to the impact cubicle at the SCHOTT booth (C2-139).Fire resistant glazing products from SCHOTT have been setting the tone for over 20 years. These special purpose glasses manufactured in Jena comply with all of the maximum fire resistance classes. In fact, the company even goes one step further: the latest generation of SCHOTT safety glasses even meets additional demands that pertain to resistance to thrown projectiles, penetration and bullets in the area of personal and property protection.“We have developed a special composition that consists of highly effective and compact multifunctional laminates that resist attacks against our glass to meet these special demands,” explains Helmut Kugelmann, Sales Manager for the SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions Division. “At the same time, our glass products also meet the growing demands of architects with respect to aesthetics and design, especially when it comes to the thickness, weight and transparency of our special purpose glass,” he adds. The two glass solutions PYRANOVA® secure and NOVOLAY® secure offer maximum security despite their light weight. Their thickness and weight can be more than 50 percent thinner and lighter than that of competitive products. In addition, they are known for their high transparency thanks to their unique optical brilliance and high thermal resistance. “We recommend using PYRANOVA® secure whenever maximum multifunctional requirements must be met. If no fire protection is necessary, we recommend NOVOLAY® secure, a product that offers high transparency and low specific density thanks to the special composition of this glass,” Kugelmann notes.PYRANOVA® secure has a special structure that is based on the special glass PYRANOVA® that is proven as a fire resistant glass. In the standard configuration, PYRANOVA® is a compact, laminated composite glass for use in fire resistant glazing to meet class EI. In the event of a fire, it provides effective protection from the spreading of fire, smoke and hot gases for up to two hours. Thanks to its clear fire resistant interlayers that foam when a fire breaks out, this glazing also features an additional effective barrier against heat. In addition to its dependable fire resistant properties, PYRANOVA® secure also meets extremely high safety requirements. It effectively combines fire protection with resistance to objects thrown or penetration according to DIN EN 356 and bullets according to DIN EN 1063.NOVOLAY® secure is a special flat glass from SCHOTT that is manufactured using the microfloat process and state of the art technology. It offers outstanding properties for a wide range of safety applications. In addition to its high homogeneity, it is also known for its brilliant optical quality despite its low specific weight. NOVOLAY® secure is ideal for use in impact and penetration resistant glazing according to DIN EN 356 and bullet resistant glazing according to DIN EN 1063. 16.01.2013, SCHOTT/schott.com

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