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Mathaios team begins today Atacama Solar Race in Chile with the best preparation conditions

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The second edition of the event also known as "Carrera Solar Atacama" will be held from November 15th to 19th The 19 teams participating come from different countries such as Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and even India Eurener exclusively designed PV modules that boost the Mathaios team vehicleThe second edition of this race, unique in Latin America, start today with four days duration across 1286 kilometers of the Chilean Atacama Desert, the driest in the world.The 19 participating teams from countries as diverse as Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and India, are ready to give everything in extremes of heat and dryness. Eight of them participate in the Atacama Solar Challenge (Desafío Solar Atacama) category, comprised of cars powered exclusively by solar energy, and the other eleven in category Solar Road (La Ruta Solar), composed by hybrid tricycles solar-human powered. Coming days will complete the feat of 4 stages that make up this competition through the towns of Humberstone, Calama, Toconao, San Pedro de Atacama, Baquedano and Carmen Alto.Mathaios team, after having passed the rigorous testing performed to solar cars in qualifying, has confirmed it is in top condition. Their vehicle has been tested for dynamic acceleration and braking as well as other safety static ranging from the electrical system until the pilot can escape in less than 10 seconds in case of accident. Preparation goes beyond vehicles as the drivers should follow a diet consistent with the extreme weather conditions to which they are subjected during the race.The 25 people who make up the team are students of the San Mateo Technological Institute of Robotics. They have multidisciplinary counseling teachers and engineers who have guided them in the construction and piloting of solar and mechanical powered vehicle participating in the event as well as the support and sponsorship from the European manufacturer Eurener who has designed the exclusive photovoltaic modules for the car to get part of the energy needed for its operation.Eurener modules have the most prestigious certificates of electrical safety and quality as well as independent testing such as the Photon Laboratory attesting that they have values that are above average. 20.11.2012, Eurener

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