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Fenzi to display new entries and premium products at Glasstec 2012

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The leading manufacturer of chemicals for glass reprocessing will unveil its top-of-the-line, high-performance IG products at the major international glass event in Germany. At Glasstec, Fenzi will display Multisafe, the latest innovation engineered by the Glass Alliance labs for energy saving. At Glasstec, professionals will be able to find out about the extraordinary performance of this innovative flexible spacer, which, as a result of its special composition, can guarantee extremely low thermal conductivity, exceptional stability, speed of application, pleasant and functional design. Multisafe complements the Group’s line of warm edge products: a complete range of solutions to cater to any need, marketed and distributed worldwide by the Glass Alliance network, to which Fenzi Alu-Pro and Rolltech belong.

Fenzi will also showcase the other products that met with resounding success and helped establish the brand as an industry innovator.

Mirror coatings

- Duralux mirror coatings: the array of Duralux products meets most needs, from the more traditional to the sophisticated “copper free” and zero lead technologies.
- Duralux Solar Coatings: the new line of solar mirror coatings designed to meet the standards for higher levels of durability and resistance to wear for applications in cutting edge solar thermal systems.

Insulating glass products

- Thiover, the polysulphide, two-part sealant meeting the most advanced eco-compatibility standards.
- Butylver: a P.I.B. sealant for primary sealing of IG units. Now also available in the Butylver TPS (thermoplastic spacer bar for Lenhardt® appliers) and Butylver SS versions (for flexible spacers).

- Poliver: polyurethanes engineered specifically for IG production; Poliver sealant is totally solvent free and can be used either for the production of single seal or dual seal panel.
- Hotver 2000: one component hot-melt sealant for quality IG production, ensuring perfect adhesion to the glass and spacers.
- Other complementary products for IGs include the next-generation Chromatech profiles by Rolltech and Alu-Pro. Both the Chromatech Ultra and Chromatech Plus ranges offer excellent performance in terms of stability, toughness and low heat loss.

Decorative paints for glass
- Tempver: glass enamels for screen-printing, enameling and satin-finishing of glass, highly rated in architecture and interior design as a result of their numerous color options.
- Decover: cold paints, designed for interiors and furniture; particularly noteworthy is Aquaglass, water based one-part paints from the Decover range for the interiors of offices and homes, bathrooms and kitchens because of their distinctive color brightness and eco-compatibility.

Discover Fenzi’s latest products at Glasstec, HALL 16 STAND C12

Zona Ind. – Via Trieste, 13/15 – 20067 Tribiano (Mi)

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