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Clínica Vitro receives the Ibero-American Quality Award for 2008

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For the fifth time Vitro receives this prestigious award for proving its superior quality standards

During the XVIII Summit of Heads of State and Government that took place in San Salvador, El Salvador, Vitro received for the fifth occasion the Ibero-American Award for Quality after showing its superior competitive level of quality for its operation of Clínica Vitro.

The award was received on October 31 by Dr. Jesús Horacio González Treviño, Director of Medical Services at Vitro and was presented by Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, in the presence of the gathering of the Heads of States and Government of the twenty two members Ibero-American Community.

On this occasion Vitro received the Silver Award for its outstanding quality standards after having competed with the most important companies, organizations and institutions from all of the Spanish speaking countries from the Americas as well as Spain and Portugal.

In gratefully thanking those present for the award Dr. González Treviño commented: “It is a great honor to receive this prize as it distinguishes Clínica Vitro’s staff, along with all the employees of the company, for their efforts in positioning Vitro as one of the best companies in its category at the international level. It is a just prize for their day to day dedication and efforts to improve quality of life and the profitability of the company.”

He then added: “This recognition represents an important stimulus for Vitro’s personnel and its integrated quality model, “Ing. Adrián Sada Treviño (AST)”. This is a fundamental element in motivating us to continue to treat our patients based on a philosophy of quality in all aspects of what we do in personal attention, use of instruments and equipment at our disposal.”

Currently Clínica Vitro handles more than 100 thousand appointments per year, including children and adults, in the areas of: cardiology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, pneumology, neurology, orthopedics, neonatology, allergic disorders, audiology, dermatology, endocrinology, hematology, internal medicine, oncology, otorhinolaryngology, psychiatry, rheumatology, traumatology, urology, nephrology, and ophthalmology.

Clínica Vitro receives on average 130 medical students per year from diverse universities and schools in the area. Since 1991, it maintains special agreements with them in order to let the medical students practice actual medical applications that include external medical appointments and hospitalization, a combination that other organizations do not include.

Additionally, it offers preventive programs and critical patient care under the guidance of certified professionals that practice at Clínica Vitro.

This award is an official program of the Ibero-American Summit of the Heads of States and Government, based on the Ibero-American Model for Excellence in Management and Managing for the Ibero-American Foundation for Quality in Management (FUNDIBEQ).

It recognizes quality, stimulates the development of Ibero-American organizations, promotes self evaluation and focus on the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the clients as well as interested parties while always using best practices.

It is worth noting that since the mid-nineties Vitro has received: 5 Ibero-American Quality Awards, 6 National Quality Awards and 12 State Quality Awards.

Vitro, S.A.B. de C.V. (BMV: VITROA; NYSE: VTO), is one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world. Through our subsidiary companies we offer products with the highest quality standards and reliable services to satisfy the needs of two distinct business sectors: glass containers and flat glass. Our manufacturing facilities produce, process, distribute and sell a wide range of glass products that offer excellent solutions to multiple industries that include: wine, beer, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, as well as the automotive and construction industry. Also, we supply raw materials, machinery and industrial equipment to different industries. We constantly strive to improve the quality of life for our employees as well as the communities in which we do business by generating employment and economic prosperity thanks to our permanent focus on quality and continuous improvement as well as consistent efforts to promote sustainable development. Our World Headquarters are located in Monterrey, Mexico where Vitro was founded in 1909 and now embarks major facilities and a broad distribution network in ten countries in the Americas and Europe. Additionally, it exports its products to several countries around the World. For more information, you can access Vitro’s Website at:

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