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10th Otto Schott Research Award

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Japanese Researcher Receives Award for Develop-ment of Ceramic Laser Material

This year´s Otto Schott Research Award was presented to the Japanese scientist, Dr. Akio Ikesue (50), World Lab. Co., Ltd., Na-goya, Japan. The award that includes 25,000 euros in prize money was now presented for the tenth time on November 3, 2008, during a two-day technical conference at Schott AG in Mainz.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Konz, a member of the Board of Management at SCHOTT and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ernst Abbe Fund, took this opportunity to reflect on the past 20 years since the Otto Schott Research Award was first established. He emphasized how important it is for science and industry to work together hand in hand. “The only way to achieving innovations is to exchange knowl-edge and experience,” he noted.

The technical presentations that were held by previous award winners were a special highlight of the ceremony. 11 of the 20 recipi-ents of the Otto Schott Research Award to date gathered from all over the world to present their award-winning work and then report on and discuss the changes that have since taken place and the prospects for the future.

During the ceremony, Dr. Konz also bid farewell to Professor Gerd Müller and Professor Donald Uhlmann, two individuals who have served as members of the Board of Trustees of the Ernst Abbe Fund for many years. “We have always appreciated being able to rely on your experience, your judgment and your expertise,” he ex-plained in citing the many long years of working together success-fully. SCHOTT is pleased to have found qualified individuals to fill their shoes. As of next year, Professor Reinhard Conradt from Germany, who once received the Otto Schott Research Award him-self, and Prof. Carlo Pantano from the United States will be taking on this role as members of the Board of Trustees.

The Otto Schott Research Award is conferred for outstanding scien-tific achievements in basic research and technology development in the areas of special materials, components and systems for appli-cation in optics and electronics, solar energy, health and living.

Dr. Akio Ikesue was presented with the 2008 Award for his pioneering work in the field of optically transparent polycrystalline ceramics, with which he created the field of polycrystalline ceramic lasers.

For many years, his name has been inseparably linked to the fabrication of novel ceramic laser materials. In 1995, he achieved laser performances close to those of mono crystals. This sparked off intensive research and development activities that have resulted in new ceramic technologies and a broad scope of applications for the materials produced using this sophisticated procedure.

The results of Dr. Ikesue’s research have been published in renowned technical magazines. His ideas have met with broad acceptance and are now being put to use in laboratories all over the world. The Japanese scientist is currently a regular visiting lecturer at distinguished conferences on lasers, materials and ceramics. Only recently, he was selected by the U.S. Government to become the first project head from Asia to develop ceramic materials for producing megawatt laser performances.

At present, Akio Ikesue has 15 patents. He founded his own company, World Lab.Co. Ltd., in Nagoya, and is an Invited Professor at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris.

The Otto Schott Research Award and the Carl Zeiss Research Award are conferred on an alternating annual basis to honor out-standing scientific performance and to motivate and promote the cooperation between science and industry. Both research awards are managed by the Stifterverband, a German research organiza-tion that offers the award on an international basis, in line with the international presence of the two groups, SCHOTT AG and CARL ZEISS AG. Among the past award winners are physicians and chemists from Germany, as well as scientists from various Euro-pean countries, the United States, Russia, Japan and China.

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