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China Fiberglass Industry Report, 2008

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2008-11-06 09:25:51 - ResearchInChina releases its new report: China Fiberglass Industry Report, 2008. For more information, see

Fiberglass has the features like light weight, high-strength, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and cost efficiency, which is widely applied in the traditional and high-tech industries such as construction, transportation, electronics, pipeline, shipbuilding, medical, aviation and wind power equipment.

The global fiberglass industry has maintained a rapid growth since 2002, with China as the key driver. During 2002 to 2006, the
production capacity of fiberglass in china has increased dramatically with an annual growth rate of 33%; in contrast, the production capacity of other countries had an annual decline rate of 2% during the same period.

The fiberglass output in china accounted for 38.1% of global output in 2007.

Although the production of fiberglass has maintained a growth, the demand still exceeds supply worldwide. The global fiberglass output was 4.2 million tons in 2007, while the demand was 4.5 million tons. We estimate that global fiberglass demand will reach 5.68 million tons by 2010.

The fiberglass export volume of china was 1.085 million tons in 2007, up 37.3% year on year.

The report data is mainly sourced from China Fiberglass Industry Association, National General Administration of Customs, National Information Center and National Bureau of Statistics.

Table of content

1 Fiberglass Overview
1.1 Definition and Characteristics
1.2 Classification and Performance
1.3 Production Techniques and Industry Chain
1.3.1 Production Techniques in China
1.3.2 Four Markets Serve the Downstream Industry

2 Global Fiberglass Industry
2.1 Market Scale
2.2 Entry Barrier
2.3 Industry Layout
2.4 Research & Development

3 China Fiberglass Industry
3.1 Production Techniques
3.1.1 It had caught up with the International level
3.1.2 High Quality
3.2 Cost Advantages
3.3 China is becoming the world manufacturer of fiberglass
3.4 Top Three Domestic Giants
3.5 Rapid Growth of China Fiberglass Industry
3.5.1 Political Influences in China
3.5.2 Production Capacity will expand fast in the next 3 years

4 Import and Export of China Fiberglass Industry
4.1 Mainly Rely on Export in Recent Years
4.2 Export and Import Comparison in Recent Years

5 Profit Analysis of China Fiberglass Industry
5.1 Gross Profit Rate, 2008-2010
5.2 Total Profit, 2008-2010

6 Fiberglass Demand in China
6.1 Demand Growth
6.2 Energy-saving and Pollution Reduction has Promoted Rapid Growth of Fiberglass Demand
6.3 Construction Industry Demand
6.3.1 Building Doors & Windows
6.3.2 Waterproof Materials
6.3.3 Wall Heat Insulation Materials
6.3.4 Highway Roadbed
6.4 Automobile Industry Demand
6.5 Electronics Industry Demand
6.6 Shipbuilding Industry Demand
6.7 Pipeline Demand
6.8 Wind Power Equipment Demand
6.9 Export Demand
6.10 Domestic Demand

7 Production and Operation of China Fiberglass Industry
7.1 Overview of Manufacturers
7.2 Output Value
7.3 Sales, Jan-Nov, 2007
7.4 Profit, Jan-Nov, 2007
7.5 Loss, Jan-Nov, 2007
7.6 Export, Jan-Nov, 2007
7.7 Floating Assets Turnover, Jan-Nov, 2007

8 key Manufacturers in China
8.1 Owens Corning
8.2 Saint-Gobain
8.3 PPG
8.4 China Fiberglass Co., Ltd
8.5 Taishan Fiber Glass Inc
8.6 Chongqing Polycomp International Corp (CPIC)

9 Conclusion and Suggestions

Source: www.researchinchina.comAuthor: shangyi

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