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Ex-factory price of flat glass declines in September

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From January to September, the accumulative output of flat glass in China is 431,610,000 weight cases, up 7.0%, in which the output of float glass is 363,500,000 weight cases, an increase of 10.5%; the output of ordinary glass is 68,120,000 weight cases, down 8.4%.

In September, the output of flat glass is 45,900,000 weight cases, up 0.6%, including 39,000,000 weight cases of float glass, up 4.6%, and 6,910,000 weight cases of ordinary glass, down 17.2%

From January to September, the accumulative sale of flat glass is 420,610,000 weight cases, reserving 34,250,000 weight cases at the end of month. The sales-output ratio of flat glass is 97.45%, down 1.55 percentages; the ratio of float glass is 97.34%, down 2.01 percentages; the ratio of ordinary glass is 97.03%, up 0.21 percentage.

In September, the average ex-factory price of flat glass is 71.14 yuan / weight case, dropped by 0.69 yuan over the last month and by 1.98 yuan year-on-year. However, the price of flat glass has risen by an average of 5.31 yuan in a year.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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