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Southwall Introduces Newest Family of Heat Mirror(R) Suspended Film That Enables Superior Energy Efficiency for the World's Largest, Glass-Intensive Commercial Projects

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Compatibality with High-Performance, Two-Part Structural Silicone Sealant Opens New Growth Market for Energy-Saving Heat Mirror Insulating Glass

Southwall Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:SWTX), the worldwide innovator of high performance, energy-saving films and glass products, announced today the availability of a new family of Heat Mirror film optimized to improve the energy efficiency of structural glazing used in the world's largest commercial projects.

Called Heat Mirror "S", this new family of suspended film, which is used to create the lightest weight and highest performance multi-cavity insulating glass, introduces an advanced coating that is compatible with Dow Corning(R) 3362 two-part structural silicone sealant. Dow Corning 3362 is one of the leading silicone sealants used for large, glass-intensive projects utilizing structural and sloped glazing.

Structural sealant glazing, which is one the most innovative glazing systems used in "super tall" commercial construction today, enables some of the most breathtaking structures in the world. It has quickly grown to represent a third of all commercial glazing due to its spectacular, all-glass appearance and proven durability under the stress of UV radiation and extreme temperature.

"By supporting the faster cure time and proven durability afforded by Dow Corning's two-part structural silicone sealant, these new films make high-performance Heat Mirror insulating glass a viable solution for large commercial projects that increasingly require higher energy-efficiency," said Bruce Lang, Southwall's vice president of marketing and business development. "Heat Mirror 'S' taps a new growth market for our customers, who can now efficiently service the largest, green building projects that are shaping city skylines around the globe."

Added Dennis Capovilla, Southwall's president and CEO: "The introduction of this newest family of Heat Mirror film targeted specifically for large-scale commercial construction is further evidence of Southwall's commitment to bringing the superior energy efficiency of Heat Mirror insulating glass to the broader market."

Southwall's Heat Mirror "S" films are available immediately worldwide wherever Dow Corning 3362 structural silicone sealant is sold and will support the same industry-leading aesthetics and insulating performance as their standard Heat Mirror film counterparts.


Heat Mirror film, which creates multiple insulating cavities without increasing weight, is a superior technological alternative that extends performance well beyond that of generic low-e insulating glass available today. Heat Mirror insulating glass consists of an advanced low emissivity and solar reflective film mounted inside an insulating glass unit in a variety of configurations (one or more coated films, clear or Low-E glass) providing center-of-glass insulating performance from R5 to R-20 (u-value 0.2-0.05 Btu/hr-ft2-F, 1.14-0.28 W/m2-K).


Southwall Technologies introduced the world's first low-e coated glass product in 1981, a pioneering technology recognized in 1999 by Popular Science magazine as one of the "Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium." Southwall's Heat Mirror insulating glass units are available from over 50 window and insulating glass manufacturers worldwide.

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