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LCD Glass Substrates Industry - Growth and Opportunities

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19.11.2008 13:34:01 LCD Glass Substrates Industry - Growth and Opportunities - a new market research report on

The glass substrate industry is witnessing rapid growth in technological innovation driven by the market demand for larger size glasses. Advancement in the size of display glasses or shifting from one generation of glass to another generation is driven by the need for bringing about economies of scale in the utilization of these glasses.

So, with increasing demand for larger size LCD glasses, Corning, the leader in the LCD glass substrate industry, along with Asahi Glass and Nippon Electric Glass are investing in technologies to fulfill the increasing demand for larger glass substrates. Corning has in fact started working on Generation 10 glass substrates that will have the capability of producing 15 42-inch panels as compared to only eight 42-inch panels that could be realized from Generation 5 substrates.

Although LCD glass substrates find their applications in LCD television panels, notebooks, PC monitors and handsets, the growth of the substrate market is mostly driven by the increasing demand for LCD televisions. As LCD televisions are fast replacing CRTs and its penetration rate is still very low in the North American and European regions, there is going to be higher level of growth for LCD TVs. Glass substrate industry, the suppliers to LCD panel makers are expected to make huge gains from the growth of LCD TVs.

The report is a study on the functioning and performance of the LCD glass substrate industry. It analyzes the supply chain of the LCD glass industry and presents the size and growth of the industry over the years. It also assesses the growth drivers and the factors that are creating business opportunities for the glass substrate makers. The share, performance and strategies of the three leading companies – Corning, Asahi Glass and Nippon Electric have been analyzed in the report. Further, the future of the LCD glass industry and the growth of the LCD glass substrate in each application – LCD TV, notebooks, PC monitors and mobile handsets have been assessed in the report.

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