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Glaston in $9m solar reflector partnership

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A partnership between Solel Solar Systems and glass processing technology supplier Glaston has resulted in the recent opening of a $9 million factory in Finland for the production of parabolic solar reflectors for Solel’s solar field projects.

The facility is equipped with machinery conceptualised by Solel and designed and built by Glaston, with operations expected to begin from September.

Mika Seitovirta, Chief Executive Officer and President of Glaston, commented on the project: “Demand for solar energy through concentrating solar power solutions is growing rapidly, giving new opportunities for our technology. Our partnership with Solel is an important step to focus on the market.”

The factory is located in Akaa, approximately 200km north of Helsinki. It has the capacity to produce 240,000 parabolic solar reflectors per year; enough to power a 50MW power plant, according to Glaston.

Source: Glass InternationalAuthor: shangyi

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