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U.S. -Overall, Construction Sites See Drop in Nonfatal Injuries, Survey Says

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According to survey results from the Department of Labor (DOL), construction workplaces may be on their way to becoming safer environments. The DOL's Bureau of Labor Statistics' (BLS) 2007 Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses reported that construction industry nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses decreased to 5.4 per 100 workers in 2007 compared to 5.9 in 2006.As a whole, nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses among private industry employers in 2007 occurred at a rate of 4.2 cases per 100 full-time workers-a decline from 4.4 cases in 2006.

While the survey results did not go into specific construction industry segments, some contract glaziers, such as Danny Davis, vice president and chief operating officer of Arrow Glass & Mirror in Austin, Texas, agree that workplaces are becoming safer environments.

"I believe that the increased volume of work over the last five years and also the added safety awareness has created an economic opportunity to train employees better," Davis says. "In contrast to five years ago, everyone who is a major player in the glazing industry has documented safety programs and guidelines as well as frequent training sessions."

William Carter, vice president of sales for Carter Glass Co. in Kansas City, Mo., says while his company hasn't necessarily experienced a decline as reported by the BLS, he does see it as very possible due to the safety training that's required on larger projects.

"General contractors are staffing projects with a safety inspector and mandated minutes from weekly meetings for safety programs," says Carter. "These declines will help in the workers compensation insurance rates if they are passed through."

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