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Schreder Lighting USA Introduces Advanced Tunnel Lighting Solutions to USA

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Utilizing Schreder's extensive research and experience in the development of high-quality luminaires for tunnels around the globe, Schreder Lighting USA introduces Advanced Tunnel Lighting Solutions to the specification community in the United States. Schreder Lighting USA, the newest of the 40-member Schreder Group G.I.E. located in 36 countries on four continents, is marketing the Schreder brand in the fields of Public Lighting, Floodlighting, Tunnel/Transit Lighting, Industrial and Urban Lighting.

Schreder Lighting USA's high-performance tunnel lighting guarantees that visual perceptions of drivers will be maintained, both day and night, by avoiding sudden variations in lighting levels when entering and exiting a tunnel. Schreder tunnel lighting products perform effectively while resisting pollution, corrosion, humidity, exhaust fumes, sharp differences in temperature, vandalism, fire, electric shocks, and shocks caused by unsecured truckloads, while ensuring tightness against dust, air pollution, and water splashes from high-pressure cleaning jets. Schreder tunnel lighting include: wallpacks; low mounted fixtures; recessed; ramp lighting, symmetrical and asymmetrical pro-beam lighting (flux with traffic flow) and symmetrical and asymmetrical counter beam lighting (flux against traffic flow). All meet IP65, IP66, or IP67 tightness levels, to prevent dust and water ingress. Luminaires are offered in a wide array of functions, styles and materials including anodized extruded aluminum and stainless steel bodies, cast aluminum and glass fiber end covers, thermally hardened glass protectors, multi-aluminum reflectors with aluminum brackets. Tailor-made mountings are employed for different functions and tunnel configurations.

Schreder's Emergency Lighting includes LED marker lights to guide emergency service workers towards safety posts while reinforced lighting illuminate the colored paint that help identify evacuation tunnels quickly and easily.

T5 fluorescent, compact fluorescent, low- and high-pressure sodium, halogen and LED lamps are used, depending on the fixtures and applications. Schreder delivers the most suitable photometry to maximize lighting performance while utilizing a very wide array of reflectors. Schreder's energy efficient technology provides precise light distribution adapted to the geometry of each tunnel.

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