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Hebei Shahe reinforces environment protection; 40 glass lines closed

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On November 16, the major of Shahe city, Hebei announced that 10 backward chimneys will be demolished at the opening ceremony of the fourth blasting and the rest 30 chimneys will be knocked down in next few days.

Shahe city is one of the key cities listed in the “Double-Thirty Plan” for energy saving and emission reduction. In order to finish the task and speed up the upgrading of industry adjustment, the government of Shahe city determines to shut down 194 glass production lines of less than 100-ton/day melting amount in three years.

Since May 2007, the city has carried out blasting for 5 times to demolish 93 chimneys and close 93 backward glass production lines. This is the fourth time in this year. It plans to blast 40 chimneys and shut down 40 glass lines.

With the effective measures, Shahe city makes a great progress in energy saving and emission reduction. From January to October, it reduces discharges of CO2 3,430 tons and sulfur dioxide 2,480 tons. It is predicted that Shahe will achieve the success in reducing the emission of CO2 4850.7 tons and sulfur dioxide 3659.7 tons, respectively completing 353.0% and 213.0% of annual target.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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