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Research and Markets: High-Performance Ceramics Volume Will Be of Great Interest to Any Scientist or Engineer Working in the Field of High-Performance Ceramics

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Selected, peer reviewed papers the Fifth China International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC-5), Changsha, China, May 10 - 13, 2007

This special volume presents, discusses and reviews the latest advances in the science and technology of high-performance ceramics. The editors received more than 700 contributions from which, following a strict peer-review process, more than 598 manuscripts were chosen for inclusion in this collection.

The contributions covered almost all aspects of the field including: functional ceramics, structural ceramics, processing of ceramics and the evaluation of ceramics.

The volume will therefore be of great interest to any scientist or engineer working in the field of high-performance ceramics.

*2 Volume Set

Key Topics Covered:


Luminescence Sensing of Temperature in Oxides D.R. Clarke

Investigation on the Effects of Zn on PbTiO3 J.A. Garcia and M.U. Herrera

Preparation and Characterization of (1-x)BiScO3-xPbTiO3 Ceramics by Two-Step Sintering T.T. Zou, X.H. Wang and L.T. Li

Influence of Varying the Powder Loading Content on the Homogeneity and Properties of Extruded PZT-Fibers J. Heiber, F. Clemens, T. Graule and D. Hulsenberg

Effect of PbO Concentration on the Templated Grain Growth of PMN-32.5PT Ceramics D. Liu, Y.K. Yan and H.P. Zhou

Pulsed Power Supply of Ferroelectric Ceramics by Shock-Induced Depoling Preparation of SiBCN Microtubes from Melt-Spinnable Polymers L. Gottardo, S. Bernard, M.P. Berthet and P. Miele

Layer Structure Growth of Orthorhombic Boron Nitride Thin Films by RF-PEPLD W.Q. Li, L.J. Zhou and Y.N. Zhao

Preparation of Titanium Diboride Reticulated Porous Ceramics S.W. Han, W.M. Wang, Z.Y. Fu and H. Wang


Microstructure and Phase Composition of AlN/Al Composite Fabricated by Directed Melt Nitridation S.L. Jin, Y.W. Li, J. Liu, Y.B. Li, L. Zhao, X.H. Liu, Y.E. Ni and Z.Y. Li

Ablation Performance and Surface Texture of the Nitride Composites Reinforced by the Braided Silica Fibers Y.G. Jiang, C.R. Zhang, F. Cao, S.Q. Wang and B. Li

Fabrication of High-Content Ti3AlC2 Powders by Mechanical Alloying C. Yang, S.Z. Jin, C.Y. Xu and S.S. Jia

Mapping of Composition, Phase Transitions and Properties in Oxidized Ti3SiC2 Z. Oo, I.M. Low, J.P. Palmquist and M. Avdeev

Fabrication of Ti2AlC/TiAl Composites with the Addition of Niobium by Spark Plasma Sintering Y.L. Yue and H.T. Wu

XPS Studies on ZrO2 Thin Films Deposited on Glass Substrate by Sol-Gel X.G. Yu, Y. Gong, W.Y. Bi, X.C. Tian, H.W. Ma, H.F. Zhao, G.H. Qiu and L. Wang

A Novel Technique for Viewing Stress Distribution with Mechanoluminescence Materials C.S. Li, C.N. Xu, H. Yamada, Y. Imai, H.W. Zhang and L. Zhang

Influences of Alkaline-Earth Metal Oxides on the Properties of Vitrified Bond P.F. Wang, Z.H. Li and Y.M. Zhu

Influence of Nucleating Additions on the Crystallization in the CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 Glass-Ceramics Q.B. Tian, Y. Wang, L.M. Feng, X.H. Wang and H. Gao

Effects of Phosphorus and Fluorine on the Crystallization and Structure of CaO-A12O3-SiO2 System Glass-Ceramic J.S. Cheng, H.G. Qiu, H. Li and J. Xie

Grain Growth and Electric Properties of Lead-Free BaTiO3 Ceramics C.H. Wang

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