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How to distinguish crystal glassware from other glassware

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Crystal glass, namely lead crystal glassware, is divided into three classes according to the PBO content, that is high-lead (36% PBO or 24% PBO), medium-lead (18% PBO) and low-lead (12-16% PBO) crystal. There are three ways to distinguish it from ordinary glassware:

1. Sound: lightly knocking the glassware. Crystal glassware is sounded like metal and with a lingering sound, while other glassware gives off the “KAKA” sound.

2. Touch: lightly holding a crystal goblet, you will feel a sense of massiveness, but only a feather-like sense for other glassware.

3. Glossiness: crystal cup looks like an exquisite craft when put under light, pure white, sparkling and transparent. It reflects attractive and colorful lights. However, other glassware is lusterless and not reflective.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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