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Union wins vote at Pittsburgh Glass plant

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Employees of the Pittsburgh Glass Works plant will remain members of the United Auto Workers, after a group of them had asked to leave the union.

In late October, at least 30 percent of the 307 production workers at the company’s plant off U.S. 41 North signed a petition, asking to be removed from the United Auto Workers. To learn if the union could still claim a majority support, the National Labor Relations Board held a vote Friday.

The United Auto Workers won, according to Don Michelotti, the director of plant operations. Of the total votes, 166 votes were cast in favor of joining and 129 against. Some workers did not participate.

“Obviously, the company is disappointed in the results,” Michelotti said. “We will evaluate all options going forward.”

Friday was the third time in the past three years a vote on union membership has taken place at the Pittsburgh Glass Works plant — formerly a PPG plant.

In June 2006, a majority of production workers agreed to join the United Auto Workers. But PPG contested the results, saying there were irregularities in the election.

The National Labor Relations Board agreed and arranged a second vote. In August 2007, 53 percent of production workers voted in favor of joining the union.

Michelotti said the United Auto Workers has not reached a contract with management at the Evansville plant.

Aside from the 307 production workers, the Evansville factory employs 60 workers on salary.

Pittsburgh Glass Works has nine plants in North America, which sell glass to automobile makers throughout the world. Its customers include Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Chrysler and Ford.

That broad reach has proved a bulwark against money troubles in the past.

“Nonetheless the economy has hurt our business substantially,” Michelotti said.

In Oct., PPG sold its businesses in automotive glass and services to a new company, formed by funds managed by Kohlberg & Company LLC, based in Mount Kisco, N.Y. The new company, of which PPG kept a minority interest, took the name Pittsburgh Glass Works LLC.

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