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Xinjingrun launches high-quality Low-E glass

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On the afternoon of November 26, a ceremony was held at the gate of China Luoyang Float Glass Group Co. Ltd. (CLFG) to celebrate the launch of high-quality Low-E glass by Xinjingrun Company, a subsidiary of CLFG.

With the efforts of all the staff for about 1 year, the first piece of Low-E glass was produced by the Low-E coated glass line on November 17. The radiance of the glass is 0.09, which is far below 0.84 (white glass), and the heat transfer coefficient is 1.66 W/㎡·℃, which respectively saves 70.25% and 38.97% of energy compared with 5.58 W/㎡·℃ (white glass) and 2.72 W/㎡·℃ (Double-white hollow glass). All other technical indexes have exceeded the design requirements and the acceptance standard.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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