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Taiwanese invests NTD 200 million in a crystal plant in Shanghai

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Tittot Company, a Taiwan crystal glass manufacturer, has invested NTD 200 million in building the world’s largest crystal glass plant for lost wax casting in Shanghai Jiading Development Zone. It is as large as six football pitches.

After the first phase of the new plant is completed, its capacity will be doubled to the Maximum - 1.35 billion yuan every year. When the capacity utilization of the first phase reaches to more than 85%, the second phase will be started. The second phase is mainly used as R & D center and artists’ studio. After it is finished, the annual production capacity will be enlarged to 2.3 billion yuan.

“The new plant can cut down one third of lead time for the entrusted products and lower the cost of production,” said Zhang Zixian, the Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Tittot Crystal Glass Co., Ltd.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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