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How and why the glass industry is broken up into different categories?

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The reason the glass industry is so broken up is because each category takes years of experience and training to learn, then people choose to become professionals and get jobs in their field to better their careers.  It would be difficult to overlap the trade of a glazier with that of a stained glass professional because the consumers are included in two entirely different marketplaces.


Here is a short list of the different categories that are covered here:


Flat glass / Glazing industry (that’s what Image Glassworks is categorized as)

Glass manufacturing

Auto glass

Stained glass

Blown glass

China Glass NetworkThe flat glass or glazing industry is the one most related to home and commercial applications. This covers window replacement or repairs, storefronts, commercial doors, glass tops, mirrors.


Image Glassworks would be categorized strictly as a flat glass shop, we do not offer auto glass.  From our home town of Danvers we are able to easily service cities to the north such as Boxford, Topsfield, and Ipswich.


Flat glass shops are normally privately owned and operated with family or very loyal employees.


Glass manufacturers are the companies responsible for making the glass that we cut and install.  They operate very large facilities and ship different types of glass all to wholesalers all over the world.


China Glass NetworkThe auto glass industry is sometimes mixed in with the flat glass companies. Some flat glass companies choose to offer it and some do not.  As time goes on and today’s vehicles become more and more advanced, the auto glass industry is beginning to require more and better training to professionally change out the glass.


Stained glass is an art form that some people enjoy as a hobby, and a small amount of people choose to make it their business. Stained glass is found in churches and older buildings. Repairing cracked pieces is a very timely and expensive process normally taken on by the professionals that have chosen this field.  Many older and historical cities such as Salem do their best to keep these beautiful pieces of art in good form.

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Blown glass again is an art form done by a small percentage of people who enjoy using glass as their canvas.

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Source: www.imageglassworks.comAuthor: shangyi

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