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In 2014, the plant "Ekran" produced 326.5 million units of container glass.

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Last year JSC "Novosibirsk plant "Ekran" (part of RATM Holding) increased the average cost of a ton of container glass, despite the fact that the price of glass containers in the industry for a long time does not grow, the press service of the company. This is due to the production of bottles clothed technology NNPB. Its production was started at the plant last summer.

"The innovative technology reduces the weight of the bottle by 20-25% - up to 283 g (while retaining the strength characteristics), respectively, the number of units sold in a ton of production increases," - says CEO of JSC "Novosibirsk plant "Ekran" Paul Boboshik.


According to him, the demand for "oblegchenku" is growing: in October JSC "Novosibirsk plant "Ekran" produced for Efes 5 million bottles. The company currently supplies leading manufacturers of lightweight glass beverage Siberia and is negotiating with the factories of the European part of Russia and Kazakhstan.


According to experts, today the cost of a ton of glass in Russia is on average 12 thousand rubles. This figure should be increased to 15 thousand, to the production of glass was considered efficient and profitable. Meanwhile, as Paul told Boboshik, in 2008 the cost of a glass bottle was seven rubles apiece, and last year - four rubles.


"At the same soda - one of the main supplies for the manufacture of glass - six years ago, we bought 6 thousand rubles per ton, and now over 12 thousand, that is twice as expensive," - he said.


Raise the price of their products, local glaziers can not: from European Russia to Siberia carry a bottle of 15-30 cents cheaper than they offer.


"Companies adhering to the strategy of dumping, work on the verge of cost, in fact, a loss by covering the cost of basic materials, electricity and staff salaries," - says Paul Boboshik.


"Depreciation and expenses for repayment of loans in the final price of glassware were not included. This situation arose because in Russian production capacity of glass about 30% higher than the needs of the market: in the early 2000s, on the wave of demand for its glass factories in Russia opened all and sundry "- he argues.


A second line for the production of glass technology NNPB to "Screen" are going to be put into operation in late spring 2015. Preparatory work will conduct during major (cold) glass furnace repair №5, which began in January. Repair furnace №5 require 75 million rubles, and will be implemented at the expense of the shareholder.


In 2014 JSC "Novosibirsk plant "Ekran" issued 326,500,000 units of container glass (103% of plan), including 6 million technology NNPB.

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