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Behind the glass: the woman controls the glassworks

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Shishkin started working as a technologist, and now it owner and director of the largest glass production in Russia "Saratovtechsteklo." "Hello, Lubov. Enjoy your meal. Something you have an early breakfast some "- an employee of a glass factory" Saratovtechsteklo "in my own way looks in the office of the director and owner of the enterprise Lyubov Shishkin. "Not early, and the second, - she says. - I get up at 6 am, regardless of the day of the week. " At 8 am every day Shishkin already at work. This time for the interview, she changed the schedule after the "second" breakfast leads me to the production.


Two men in white coats and gloves, more like doctors, cover translucent film sheet of glass that is slowly moving along the conveyor belt. Mechanical robot with suction cups lay on top of the second sheet of glass of the same size. So in a sterile chamber glass factory "Saratovtechsteklo" produce laminated architectural and building glass - "triplex".


Director is closely monitoring the process and explains all aspects, production she knows inside out: "Here they laid, leveled, cut the film. This must be done so that the film is not wrinkled at other stages of the process. "


Ceychas "Saratovtechsteklo" monthly sells finished products by 8 million. Buyers - construction companies, the largest manufacturers of interior doors, gas equipment plant "Tchaikovsky", "KAMAZ" and many others. The plant produces several types of bulletproof glass for different types of weapons, protective glass, laminated large-size glass "triplex" color film for interior doors, as well as tempered glass.


According to SPARC, the company's revenue for 2013 amounted to 95.5 million rubles. The plans of the plant in the near future - not to lose in the crisis cvoyu niche and volume of orders, especially given that the number of competitors increases. "I always tell my - guys a little bit, but you need to add each year, not to slide down, and add. We live in the present, but always think about the future ", - says Love Shishkin.

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