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80 tpd end fired furnace for Pochet du Courval, France

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Pochet du Courval provides its customers around the world a unique glass expertise which is the result of four centuries of experience and innovation. Major players in the selective perfumery and cosmetics are among Pochet´s customers.  Thanks to an active policy of innovation, Pochet du Courval continually renews creation prospects for its clients by continually pushing the limits of technology.

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Recently HORN Glass Industries built and commissioned such latest technology by repairing furnace No 4. It is a regenerative end fired furnace with 34m² melting surface to produce super-flint perfume and cosmetic bottles. The furnace itself is heated by Natural Gas and electricity.

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Under the condition of a low energy consuming furnace with low emissions HORN got the order for this furnace repair. With the new design and the new firing system using the DUALFLAME AC burners the furnace is capable to emit less than 700 mg NOx per cubic meter of waste gases.

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Beside the above mentioned burners HORN supplied the Natural gas control skids, batch charger, glass level controller, furnace TV-camera and waste gas channel equipment as well as the complete design drawings for refractory material and steel construction of the melting tank.

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