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At the "Ecran" comes to an end overhaul glass furnace №5

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Glass furnace №5 for cold overhaul at JSC "Novosibirsk plant "Ecran "(under the control of RATM Holding) is disabled in the first days of January - for 45 days. During this time specialists restored electroheating that increase productivity, reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of the glass, replaced section of the main roof, and duct of the furnace; modernize the management of electronics.

- Overhaul prolong the life of the furnace for four or five years - says Pavel Boboshik. - The contractor is an organization with an international experience in the construction of industrial thermal devices. Materials we buy the best - in Germany, the Czech Republic, China, analogs them in Russia. For lining furnaces use domestic tile.


According to him, the cost of the overhaul, which operate at the expense of the shareholder, in the "old prices" - when the US dollar and the euro is at around 60 and 70 rubles respectively - 120 million rubles, of which 70 million are refractory. - The supply of most materials we paid in mid-December, so far repairs rose slightly, - says CEO of the company.


Also during the trip furnace №5 spent preparing for the launch of the second production line of lightweight bottles technology NNPB. Set on the second line of the plant is planned this summer.


In addition, the "Ecran" begin preparatory work on the project repair glass furnace №2. According to Paul Boboshik, in current prices, it would take about 500 million rubles. - After a week will order the materials, their production takes approximately six months, delivery - month, and immediately repair process will last two months - says Pavel Boboshik. Sources of funding are still being discussed: considering various options, including borrowing and enter the project of a new investor. Already reached preliminary agreement on loading the third line for the production of lightweight glass which will open in early 2016 after upgrading furnace №2. In the future, the three lines will provide release oblegchenki at the "Ecran" in the amount that will cover the needs of the market Siberia - 240 million bottles a year.


Currently, the plant has three glass furnace capacity of 450 tons of glass per day, after repair furnace №5 this figure will increase to 500 tons, after upgrading the furnace №2 - up to 580 tons.


Press Service of the RATM Holding

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