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Industrial zone of Almaty is an important industrial hub of Kazakhstan

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The total investment of eight approved projects, which will be placed in the industrial zone of Alatau district exceeded 73 billion tenge. In total there are plans to build 35 factories, but by the end of the year their number may increase.To get to the industrial zone of Alatau District, which will focus all the city's industry, the company is the production of glass has developed a unique project. Minimum of imported raw materials, renewable materials and environmentally friendly production. The project will implemented later this year, it is highlighted in the industrial zone area of ??4 hectares with all utilities let down. And after a couple of years, the company plans to cover the whole Kazakh market.


"Just today we started building earthworks, this vertical excavation work and preparation for construction. On the construction - we plan to complete all construction work this year and early next year, will begin construction of process equipment, "- said the project manager Farhad Musayev.


Project for the production of glassware was estimated at more than 2 billion tenge. But profits, according to preliminary estimates, will be such that only in the form of tax deductions would amount to about 500 million tenge, but only with the full run of the conveyor. While in the industrial zone on the area of ??188 hectares is planned to place 43 companies with an investment of 226 billion tenge.


With the implementation of these projects will be able to provide jobs for over 8,000 people. And this is only the initial stage, only the area of ??the industrial zone - 490 hectares of their location and interested foreign businessmen, the last of them Turkish businessmen who have recently visited the metropolis. This area should be an industrial cluster of 40 plants for the production of domestic, and most importantly - competitive products.


"Of these 27 projects, 25 are already ready to go to the site at the beginning of construction work, and has accordingly begin their installation work. Also this year, was approved eight projects worth 73 billion tenge, of them can be identified 4 project on the food industry, 2 projects for the chemical industry, one project for the manufacturing industry and one project on household appliances, "- said the chief specialist of the Department of Business , industrial and innovative development and agriculture Almaty Damir Tazabekov.


Selection of projects in the industrial zone of Alatau district began in 2013. In addition to innovative and environmentally friendly basic criteria for entrepreneurs were belonging to the food, construction, pharmaceutical, chemical and light industry. Factories and production must earn at full capacity in two years. To facilitate the work of businessmen at each site are all infrastructural conditions: summed electricity, water and roads built. To date, 7 have received state certificate of business areas, and 22 projects already completed the development of construction documents. Until the end of this year, the number of projects may increase. While the industrial zone is filled to 90%.

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