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Introducing the G-Manu Cutting System

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An elegantly simple yet powerful cutting tool developed by Rudi Gritsch - Traditionally, cutting glass involves using a tape measure and then factoring in the width of the glasscutter.  Not with the G-Manu. Once you adjust its magnetic ruler to the location of the cutting wheel, all your cuts correspond exactly to what you see on the ruler.


Plus, it works for both right- and left-handed users!

In this FREE video, Gritsch himself demonstrates how you can use the G-Manu Cut 1 (and Cut 2 Extension) to make quick and accurate cuts of a variety shapes and patterns. The savings of time and material are limitless, meaning this tool can pay for itself in the course of a few projects.


G-Manu Cutting System


G-Manu Cut I, Cutting System

Includes two magnetic rulers (one with inch measurements), a magnetic positioning strip, a set of six positioning magnets, and a plastic 90°-60° triangle. (Cutter not included).

G-Manu Cut II, Extension

Attaches to the G-Manu Cut I for work with larger pieces of glass (up to half sheets). Includes a magnetic connecting strip, a magnetic positioning strip, and a plastic 90° triangle.

G-Manu Curved Rulers

A set of three French curves, a flexible ruler, and two sheets of plastic for creating your own custom curves.

G-Manu Positioning Magnets, set of 6

G-Manu Metric Ruler

Available from the Bullseye Online Store, or at Bullseye Resource Centers in the Bay Area, New York, Portland, and Santa Fe.

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