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Festive appeal by O-I Glass

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O-I Glass is based in Edinburgh Way, Harlow
O-I Glass is based in Edinburgh Way, Harlow

A LEADING glass manufacturer with a base in Harlow is appealing for people to keep recycling their glass.

Some recyclable materials are facing problems because of falling prices, but O-I Glass, based in Edinburgh Way, makes new glass and glass containers from recycled bottles and jars.

Martin Langshaw, recycling development manager for O-I, said: "A few councils have begun to restrict recycling services as a result of collapsing prices for a number of materials. However, the UK glass packaging industry still needs glass and prices for recycled clear, brown and green glass remain stable."

Last year, households in the UK recycled around one and a half million tonnes of glass, but O-I Glass has reported only half this amount came back as new bottles and jars because some councils are introducing mixed material collections which make it impossible to separate the main glass colours effectively.

However, Mr Langshaw said councils can boost their reputation by making sure glass is used to its best effect.

"Colour separated glass banks or kerbside sorting provides the best quality material, for which councils can obtain the best price," Mr Langshaw added. "As different systems now become less attractive, a return to top quality glass collection would be good financially and environmentally.

"It's important people keep recycling their bottles and jars no matter what scheme the council operates, but residents do have a chance now to make sure the glass gets remelted as it should.

Source: harlowherald.co.ukAuthor: shangyi

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