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In "Titanium Valley" will plant producing fiberglass

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Company Sun-steklorovinga will be a new resident of a special economic zone "Titanium Valley". The company will invest 2.2 billion rubles in the construction of a plant for the production of glass, according to the department of information policy governor of Sverdlovsk region."The volume of products produced in Russia, to date, does not cover the needs of the domestic market. Therefore, domestic demand is guaranteed. And thanks to the competitive advantage and costs produced in glass fiber rovings Russia will have a high export potential ", - said director of the BC-steklorovinga Larisa Baturina.


As the General Director of "Titanium Valley" Artemy Kyzlasov this plant for the production of fiberglass will be part of the production chain. "One resident, LLC" Praksayr Titanium Valley ", is a supplier of industrial gases for the production. And the other - the company "Stroydizel-Composite" - will be able to use glass as a raw material for the production of nanostructured composite fiberglass pipes "- added Kyzlasov.


According to the system of "Spark", the company VS-glass roving was recorded February 17, 2015. Its registered capital is 10 thousand rubles.


Recall "Praksayr Titanium Valley" this year will start the construction of high-tech plant in distribution of industrial gases. SEZ resident invest in the project of the order of 350 million rubles, of which more than 250 million rubles in 2015.


In late 2014 the SEZ "Titanium Valley" has received from the federal budget of about 900 million rubles for the construction of infrastructure. It will connect to the networks of all residents who plan to expand construction in 2015-2016. In 2015, the "Titanium Valley" is planning to raise from the Russian treasury another 1.5 billion rubles. Total federal government should allocate 4.8 billion rubles for three years.

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